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Rwanda Vote Could Keep President in Office 17 More Years

Don Melvin and Briana Duggan | CNN   in 
December 18, 2015

How much time in office is enough — and how much is just too much?

National leaders across Africa will turn their eyes toward tiny Rwanda this week and next as voters pass judgment on a Constitutional change that could keep the current President, Paul Kagame, in power until 2034.

It’s not as if Kagame just assumed the position. He has already been president for 15 years, having taken office in 2000.

More than 6 million Rwandans are expected to vote on Friday. The results are expected early next week.

But it is not so much the results that other leaders around Africa will be watching. The extension of term limits is virtually a foregone conclusion. Voters — some enthusiastic, some intimidated — will approve the extension of term limits


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