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Rwanda: On the Road with Kigali’s Only Female Mototaxi Driver

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March 10, 2015

Motorcycle taxis are the main mode of transportation in Rwanda’s capital, Kigali – Claudine Nyanamajambere is the only woman to drive a “moto.” DW portrays the woman who’s found her place in this male-dominated domain.

John Bajeneza just hops onto the next motorcycle taxi to get around in Rwanda’s capital, Kigali. For the hotel manager, it’s part of his daily routine. But today he is being driven by a woman. And that is not something that happens every day. 40-year-old Claudine Nyanamajambere is the only female “moto” driver in all of Kigali, the only woman in a male domain.

But that doesn’t make her work any more difficult for her, she says. “Most of my customers are men. Whenever I’m standing around with the other drivers waiting for a passenger, the men choose me. They hear my voice and come over. I take them to their destinations safely.” She says she has not experienced any harassment or other problems with male customers.


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