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Rita Jeptoo Case: Is Credibility of Kenyan Runners at Stake?

Ayumba Ayodi | Daily Nation   in 
November 12, 2014

There is no doubt Kenya is among the athletics powerhouses in the world. There is no doubt that Kenya has produced, still is and will always have great athletes.

But is the credibility of our runners in doubt after Rita Jeptoo, who retained both her Boston and Chicago Marathon titles this year, had her sample ‘A’ found with banned substances recently?

That is the question that is begging for answers since the shocking news of her failed test hit the airwaves with Athletics Kenya and other sports stakeholders finding themselves between a rock and a hard place.

Jeptoo’s case must have been a big blow for the AK top brass after they had brushed aside allegations of rampant doping, saying it was only little-known athletes who were engaging in the act and that the country’s top athletes were clean.


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