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Rihanna: Because She’s Rihanna

March 30, 2016

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Um, did you not read that? Because She’s Rihanna.

The girl from Bridgetown, Barbados has become one of the world’s top singer/songwriters, and a feminist icon. Not bad for someone who has been lovede and slammed her entire career, and who keeps on doing her and giving respect to where she is from.

How do you explain a Rihanna, she’s bigger than one star, really. She’s like a Madonna and Angelina Jolie and Tyra Banks all wrapped up with a splash more of IDGAF, for good measure.

Please see this naked dress and the Giambatista Valli and this from the met so you can see how she is all types of woman (Chaka’s song is so about her.)

She’s unapologetically Robyn Rihanna Fenty, and she has dealt with public eyes on one of the most devastatingly personal challenges a woman can go through, with courage and grace and aplomb.

I’m a fan, you should be a fan, and every woman, especially from the Caribbean, should be proud of Rihanna who made her dreams come true, persevered through some ish, and in the process, inspires other women to sing their own song as well (yep, I just did that.)



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