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Review: In ‘Eclipsed,’ Female Captives in Liberia’s Civil War Seek Sustenance

Charles Isherwood | The New York Times   in 
November 10, 2015

Lupita Nyong’o, the Oscar winner and radiant darling of red-carpet-watchers, is not really the star of “Eclipsed,” Danai Gurira’s shattering drama about women’s suffering during the Liberian civil wars. Although the character played by Ms. Nyong’o, called only “the Girl” in the program, occupies its dramatic center, Ms. Gurira’s play is not a star vehicle but an ensemble piece, with terrific roles for five women.

Nevertheless, it was Ms. Nyong’o’s decision to appear in the play that helped usher it onto the stage of the Public Theater, where it opened on Wednesday night in a riveting, superbly acted production directed by Liesl Tommy.


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