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Report: Mass Rape of Women in Sudan by Army

Cara Anna | AP   in 
February 11, 2015

UNITED NATIONS — Sudanese army troops raped at least 221 women and girls in a Darfur village in a series of organized, house-to-house attacks last year, Human Rights Watch said in a report released Wednesday.

The organization’s Africa director, Daniel Bekele, called it “a new low in the catalog of atrocities in Darfur.”

The incident is at the heart of a recent plunge in relations between Sudan and the international community over a region gripped by violent chaos for more than a decade.

Reports of a mass rape in Tabit in late October quickly surfaced via radio broadcasts by Sudanese overseas. A joint U.N.-African Union peacekeeping mission at first said it found no evidence, but the U.N. special representative on sexual violence in conflict said a heavy Sudanese military presence during its visit likely affected its findings.


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