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Reflections from Rwanda: Investing in One of the World’s Fastest-Growing Economies

Patricia Crisafulli and Andrea Redmond |   in  · ·
February 25, 2015

“Welcome to the pride of every farmer in this province,” said Angelique Karekezi during my first trip to Rwanda in 2005. She was 25 at the time, and I recall my visit as if it were yesterday. We had traveled on back roads all morning, finally winding up at a coffee washing station owned and operated by Koakaka Cooperative, a farmer business that Angelique managed.

“This building has become a meeting and healing place for our members,” said Angelique as we toured the village-based processing plant that had been inaugurated in the wake of the war-torn 1990s. She presented the cooperative’s latest harvest figures to a room full of Hutu and Tutsi farmers, former enemies who, despite their past, had come together to earn income through enterprise.


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