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Racism? Cape Town Hotel Under Fire

Traveller24   in  · · ·
January 6, 2015

Cape Town – The 12 Apostles Hotel just outside Camps Bay in Cape Town has come under fire for alleged racism after a blog post regarding a massive booking faux pas went viral.

The article titled ‘Using my white privilege‘ details the story of how the writer, Martina Philcox, was contacted by a friend who “happens to be black” to make a booking for six people at the hotel’s Azure restaurant. According to the post, the friend’s father had tried making a booking, but got turned down as soon as he mentioned his surname, on what he suspected was a racist premise.

“Well, I thought , or rather hoped, it’s the holiday season, tourists everywhere, chances are, the place is fully booked. But I was wrong. I got a booking no problem,” Philcox writes.


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