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Racha Bella and Other Amazing Under 31’s Making a Difference

March 31, 2016

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Because sometimes it’s the ones you don’t hear about that make the most difference.

There are lots of women 31 years old and under making differences in the world.

Take Racha Bella. This pharmacist from Algiers wasn’t satisfied with her career path. She wanted more. And for her coding was it. But, after going to school she found it hard for her and the other six women in her class to find jobs. Not the men, but the women.

Fast forward and along with partner, they are starting Women Who Code’s first branch in Africa. Learning to code herself was not enough, she realized a community was needed and is helping to build it.

Not all people who make a difference are famous or talked about. Bella is a woman on the forefront of change working to help others make their dreams come true, and along the way create an industry where there is none. Helping not only herself, but Algeria become more competitive.

If everyone acted with initiative to follow their dream, create community and build from the future, image what Africa, the Caribbean, North America and the world would look like?

Brava to all the 31 Under 31. And thank you!


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