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Queens of Africa Dolls

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February 18, 2015

The buzzing excitement around 43-year-old Taofick Okoya’s newly developed Queens of Africa –Black Nigerian/African Dolls is rapidly growing.

Okoya tells the story of how in 2007, while shopping to buy his niece a gift, he couldn’t find a black doll in the shops and consequently, he decided to create his own.

This innovative idea, as specified by Okoya, is developed with the intention to “empower the African girl child”. To show African children that ‘black is beautiful’ by means of enabling them to play with dolls that reflect their culture and heritage. The doll is modeled on three of Nigeria’s biggest ethnic groups, and comes with traditional outfits and accessories designed especially “for girls of African descent to identify with”. Additionally, the creator states that the aim of the doll is to also promote strong feminine ideals like love, peace and endurance.


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