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Q&A: Cabo Verde’s Singer ELL Cosme Keen on Going Global

Ann Brown | AFK Insider   in  ·
April 27, 2015

Cabo Verde is known for its great music tradition. But what of more contemporary artists? Do they have a shot of fame? Fame maybe, but not so much fortune if they remain in the small archipelago off the coast of Senegal.

Even Cabo Verdean music legends such as Cesária Évora didn’t achieve full fame and compensation until they left the country. Now, newcomer ELL Cosme, who has just released the third single from his upcoming album, is at this career crossroads.

ELL Cosme’s first single ”Koza Sab” took over Cabo Verdean radio nationwide in a matter of days of its release. The term, which means “something sweet,” has become very popular. His second single, “Amor Na Club,” became a club hit, playing on dance floors on all nine (inhabitable) islands of Cabo Verde.

Now, ELL Cosme has come back with a slower number, a love ballad called “I Love You More,” that has already generated major attention in Cabo Verde.


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