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Pointers for an Amazing African Surf Vacation

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November 3, 2014

VENTURES AFRICA – Whether a Pro or a Johnny-come-lately learning to wet your toes, surfing currents and breaking waves is bound to cause you a super adrenaline swell! As is similar to any other kind of expedition, the destination of your exploration or recreation goes beyond the fun in the activity. It’s a dreamy web of inviting accommodation, hospitable people, top-notch service, entertaining nightlife, outstanding culinary, accessibility to needful supplies and of course that extra edge that makes the whole experience stand out.

For surfers, these aspects will come in handy especially when the oceans go flat or the waters decide to spill a storm. Whether enjoying globally-reclaimed consistence at Anchor Point – Morocco, daring the raging waves of Dungeons-Cape town, or exploring the Swahili Beaches along the East African coastline, lists down lead pointers to help you put together a hitch-free surf holiday.

Pick the Best Surfing Season

While ardent surfers will have finger-tip insights on the best season for respective surf spots, newbies and thrill-seekers will need a due diligence research on best timing! You seriously would not want your surf holiday to end up as a fishing trip or a snorkeling expedition despite the adventure there in. Ask around by posing questions in related online forums, join a surf community network in your planned destination, call your host surf camp or hotel and find out all you can on catching the best wave, then align your travel dates to the advice.


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