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People Power Changing Ebola Narrative

Boakai Fofana | ALLAFRICA   in 
August 29, 2014

A large bucket of chlorinated water on the street of central Monrovia for passersby to wash their hands.

Monrovia — The young campaigners thronging the street were wearing mismatched white T-shirts on which they had scribbled the words “Ebola awareness”.

As they passed a church, a melodious chorus coming from inside seemed to serenade them. Waving fliers, some of the young people peeked in through the open church doors and sang along. Others snapped to the beat of the gospel song before they were quickly beckoned onward by an older boy at the group’s front. He knew they were on a campaign to save lives.

Although not regimented, the group seemed to self-organize as they moved from house to house in their central Monrovia community. Their message to their neighbors: “Ebola is Real” – the locally-adopted theme in the fight against the disease.


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