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Our Wedding Story: Aloaye & Tunde | 2706 Events

Weddings | Bella Naija   in  ·
June 5, 2015

The Proposal
by the groom, Tunde
Aloaye and I had already talked about getting married so it was a matter of me popping the question at the least expected moment… So I got in touch with one of her friends, Aisha, and told her my plans on proposing during my trip to Nigeria in December 2014. I previously told Aloaye I would be arriving in Nigeria a week after my actual arrival date, so she had no idea I was even in the country at all. Only Aisha and a few other friends knew. So anyways … I had Aisha invite Aloaye to a made up birthday dinner along with other friends to a restaurant in Lekki…


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