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One Way Morocco Is Getting Its Tech On

Tom Jackson | Disrupt Africa   in  · · ·
March 31, 2015

The tech savviness of Moroccans has allowed online shopping community Kaymu to set high standards in business growth in the country, managing director Fanny Ponce has told Disrupt Africa.

Africa Internet Group (AIG)-owned Kaymu, which has operations in a number of African countries, launched its Moroccan site in 2013, with Ponce saying it had “set new standards in business growth” in less than two years since.

“There is almost a week-on-week increase in our number of sellers as well as buyers. This is probably due to the fact that we are as much a community as an online marketplace,” she said.

This, Ponce said, had been assisted by the fact Moroccans are “no strangers to technology”, especially the internet.

“Shopping online is common, as e-commerce forged its way through Morocco over the last few years. With a 50 per cent penetration rate, it is one of the highest in Africa,” she said.


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