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Okyeame Kwame Asks Questions Over BET Awards…

News Ghana   in  ·
July 12, 2015

Today’s global village means that the actions of a one country is felt on the other. ‘’If a butterfly in Antarctica decides not to flap its wings anymore, it reduces tides on the Pacific Ocean.’’ It appears the world today is singing in Unison and the interconnectivity between countries is felt in almost all spheres of the global economy. African musicians must therefore move from doing local collaborations to international collaborations in order to catch up with changing trends of the global village.

In focus, organizers of the Black Entertainment Awards (BET) in 2010 decided to include categories that serve to recognize African arts from the African continent and award the efforts of the artistes. The likes of Kojo Antwi from Ghana and P Square from Nigeria were but a few of the early nominees. Africans globally were caught in excitement for the initiative by the BET until recently, the nomination of Ghana’s Sakordie and Nigeria’s Wizkid sparked the controversies. It so happened that fans across the continent were glued to their dstv sets to catch glimpses of their representatives been awarded live. But this did not seem the reality as the African artistes were not shown receiving their awards live on stage. In their quest to unearth the real issues, journalists figured that the awards were presented to the African Artistes backstage. Africans who hated this took to social media and criticized the BET for what they deem as unfair treatment meted out to their representatives.


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