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Njerish’s New Single: “The Hate Song”

Abigail Arunga, Daily Nation Kenya   in  · ·
May 11, 2015

While Caroline Njeri, aka Njerish, did not walk away with the money, she is already kicking up a digital storm.

Not only is she the first artiste from the Airtel Trace Music Stars to release a song but she did it in style. The new song made its debut on her Facebook page on the evening of May 5. Perhaps for mystery, or perhaps for artistic eccentricity — I’ll ask and let you know when I see her.

Never one to sit on her laurels and beat around the bush, Njerish is priming to take the Kenyan rock — and indeed, music — scene, by storm.

The song is called “The Hate Song”. On her SoundCloud, she describes it as a song that is “…not about hating a person. It’s about hating what’s evil, and not just the evil in others, but the evil within ourselves and actively getting rid of it because, evil, even hate, is stupid”.

It has a heavy rock influence, which I love — Njerish is an original rocker, and not many females are doing that.


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