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Nigeria: Meet ‘Hijarbie,’ hijab-wearing Barbie

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May 12, 2016

Meet Hijarbie, Barbie’s Hijab-wearing Muslim cousin. The doll is the brain child of 24-year-old Nigerian Haneefah Adam, who says that the doll is meant to make a fashion statement and also change the way young Muslim girls see themselves.

We are used to seeing Barbie skinny and scantily-clad in denim hotpants and skimpy tops, but Hijarbie is far more covered up.

She is modestly dressed with colourful fashionable hijabs, maxi skirts, maxi gowns, fully covered blouses and abayas or traditional gowns.

Haneefah, who holds a masters degree in Pharmacology from Coventry University in the UK, said the idea for Hijarbie came to her after going through a popular Barbie Style site on social media where she noticed all the dolls where dressed in skimpy or tight fitting outfits – a style most Muslim girls are unable to identify with.


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