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Nigeria: Birdwatchers’ Paradise

Ben Simon | IOL   in 
September 10, 2014

Amurum Forest Reserve, Nigeria – Birdwatchers often go to extreme lengths to spot a rare species, even travelling to the westernmost of Alaska’s Aleutian islands.

By contrast, the bird sanctuary in Nigeria’s Amurum Forest Reserve, where undulating rock formations surround a savannah dominated by lush, tall grass, is rarely, if ever, on any twitcher’s wish list.

More than 260 bird species have been spotted in the reserve covering two square kilometres just outside the central city of Jos, including two that are endemic:

the Rock Firefinch and the Plateau Indigo Bird.

A serene nature reserve offering so many species, two of which are unlikely to be seen anywhere else in the world, could attract birdwatchers from across the globe.


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