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New Doc Tackles Division Between Blacks in U.S.

Josephine Opar | This Is Africa   in  · ·
December 8, 2014

“If you type Africans vs. African Americans on Google, you get over 1,700, 000”. A strong statistic to set the tone of this thought-provoking film, which explores the perceptions people have of each other in both communities.

Kenyan-born director Peres Owino connects slavery and colonialism to the present day problems that Africans and African-Americans have with each other, which helps the audience understand the root of the problem.

One polarizing behaviour both communities employ is name-calling, which includes “booty-scratcher” to describe Africans and “Akata” to describe African-Americans. There is a sense that both groups use slurs to identify each other, when these prejudices are inherited from slavery and colonial times in which black people were disrespected by being called names.

Owino and former Grey’s Anatomy actor Isaiah Washington feature in the film, by drawing on their personal experiences and observations, enhancing the storyline.


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