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New Agreement to Boost SA Movie Biz

Fin 24   in  ·
December 21, 2014

Cape Town – In a positive outcome for the South African film industry, an agreement between the department of home affairs and industry bodies – the Commercial Producers Association (CPA), the South African Association of Stills Producers (Saasp) and the National Association of Model Agencies (Nama) was reached this week.

The new development will go a long way in making it easier and more accessible for international clients wanting to bring their business to South Africa.

The development will make the requirements considerably simpler and gives some relief to the difficult situation faced by the film sector in recent times.

Monica Rorvik, head of film promotion at Wesgro, the Western Cape’s official tourism, trade and investment promotion agency, said the agreement takes into consideration two types of travelers to South Africa.

“The oversight group, which consists of client, agency and production company personnel and the specialist group which comprises of actors, models, directors, technicians and the art department are the two groups which are impacted by recent developments,” said Rorvik.


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