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Nelson Mandela in Intensive Care

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June 11, 2013

Just a month before his 95th birthday, Nelson Mandela has been hospitalized for a recurring lung infection. South Africa’s first black president is currently in a hospital in Pretoria, South Africa where he remains in serious condition.

But this isn’t the first illness for Mandela. The 94 year old anti-apartheid icon has experienced health scares in the past. In 1988, he was diagnosed with early stage tuberculosis. In 2011, he was admitted to a hospital for two nights with an unnamed acute respiratory infection. Last year in December, Mandela endured three weeks of treatment for a recurrent lung infection and surgery to remove gallstones. At the end of March this year, he was treated 10 days for pneumonia.

As of now, the civil rights leader is in a severe yet stable condition. In churches across the country, South Africans pray in hopes that Mandela will regain his strength and overcome this serious health battle.

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