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Not into Vamps? Mythological Graphic Novel Targets African Diaspora

ALYSSA KLEIN | okayafrica   in  ·
April 12, 2015

The Pack is a new African mythology graphic novel series from New Jersey-based French-Caribbean artist Paul Louise-Julie. Its end goal, a press release says, “is to create a truly African Fantasy Mythology that everyone of African descent can call their own or identify with.” The project, which debuted last month with an issue dedicated to a pack of Egyptian werewolves, is set in a fantasy world created by Louise-Julie based off his years of research on African civilizations. Each of the series’ five seasons are broken down by region (North, East, West, South, Central), with each season comprised of about five sagas focusing on a particular kingdom or realm. Ahead of The Pack‘s upcoming second issue, we spoke with the series’ creator, writer and artist Paul Louise-Julie over email about his work making a new mythology for the African Diaspora…


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