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Model Momma Maintenance

June 15, 2015

As a busy mother of two infant twin boys, I am lucky if I get to brush my teeth every day, let alone worry about keeping up with fashion and beauty trends.  Like most new mothers, I consider it a great day if I have time to put on deodorant.  But because I’m a model, most people assume that I roll out of bed with my face and hair done, put on the latest “must-have” dress to feed my boys, and that I never, ever smell bad.  Wrong!

Sorry to burst your bubble folks, but model or not, I am a harried new mother like the rest of you.  And like you, I don’t have the time or the energy to spend hours on my face and my hair.  Don’t get me wrong: I still love to look nice and dress up.  But I don’t have the luxury of thumbing through the current issue of Vogue while sipping a glass of champagne and perusing the hottest items from the Paris runways.  Did you hear me say that I have not one, but two infant sons??

So what’s a new mother to do?

Improvise, improvise, improvise!!

I have become a master at making what’s in my closet and what little time I have to pull it together work for me.  Most days, if I’m lucky, I have about 20 minutes to shower, dress, put on my makeup and style my hair.  And that’s on a good day.

Let’s start with the shower.  If someone put a camera in there, they’d get the laugh of their lives.  I should get hired by the circus, because this Momma is a juggler, high wire act, magician and clown all wrapped up into one in the shower.  Seriously y’all, I’ve got skills. I can wash my hair while shaving what needs shaving, while applying then removing a cleansing face mask, while exfoliating what needs to be exfoliated, while keeping a very keen ear out for my two boys, who are known to start screaming bloody murder the moment I start doing something that I can’t quickly stop doing to attend to them.

Next, there’s my hair.  What my hair looks like on any given day depends on what time the boys went to sleep the night before.  If they went to bed on time, you might find me with a freshly-coiffed two-strand twist.  There will be a beautiful sheen and an enviable bounce to my curls.  It’s truly a sight to behold.  If they went to bed a little later than normal, I will be rocking a looser, but still textured fro that I flat-braided right before passing out from exhaustion.  If it was one of THOSE nights (and you know what type of night I’m talking about), I will most definitely be rocking some sort of hair accessory…a headwrap, a fascinator (look it up; they’re cute), a flower or some sort of hat (I love hats!) to cover up the bird’s nest that is my hair after not having an ounce of energy left to do it.

And last, but certainly not least, there’s my face.  You know, the “Maybe It’s Maybelline!” face that still gets me recognized to this day.  All I can say is “Thank goodness for concealer!!!”  You have to know that after six months of six hours or less (a lot less, until recently) of sleep, the dark circles under my eyes have dark circles.  Even on my most natural of days, if I’m leaving the house, please believe I have on concealer.  And before you judge me, I hope you’ll allow me a bit of vanity.  I mean, I may be a mother, but I’m still a girl.  But I digress.  Back to my face.  I have managed to keep up my pre-pregnancy routine of washing and moisturizing my face twice a day.  I never go to bed with makeup on (which is easier these days because I don’t always have time to put any on).  I treat myself to a facial at least once every two months…or my husband treats me after I’ve had an exceptionally hard day with the boys.  But I keep my makeup routine pretty simple…foundation, powder, mascara, lip gloss.  If I’m feeling fancy, I’ll toss on some blush and a bit of eye shadow.  It’s funny what constitutes “fancy” to me these days.

Yet even with having no time to adequately address my outer beauty, I spend as much time as I can enhancing my inner beauty.  That’s what really matters anyway.  I keep my inner beauty in its best form by doing and being the best me I know how to be…every day.  And even on my dirtiest, smelliest, most tired of days, it’s my inner beauty that makes me feel like the prettiest girl in the room.

Photo Courtesy Of Tomiko Fraser Hines


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