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Minority Report: Insightful & Maybe Alarming Hollywood Insiders Survey on Hiring Practices

Wendy Okoi-Obuli |Shadow and Act   in 
February 20, 2016

In light of #OscarsSoWhite, and all the chatter over diversity in Hollywood, an interesting (albeit 6-year-old, but still very relevant and worth sharing) Fade In Online Hollywood *insider* survey I stumbled upon, on hiring in Hollywood, supposedly the bastion of open-minded liberalism. The answers from various anonymous industry insiders give a clue as to whether the difficulty faced by minorities and women in getting jobs in Hollywood is fact or fiction, prejudice or paranoia.

Here are a few excerpts from the piece, from different people in the industry hierarchy.

Producer: “…The fact that Hollywood touts itself as liberal is ridiculous because all they care about is the bottom line and making money. They don’t care about making socially conscious movies. They don’t care about hiring minorities or bringing work to communities unless there’s a huge tax break and it fits their bottom line. That’s all they care about. And if they can hire a black person or a woman for less money who is going to do just as good a job as a high-priced white director, they’ll hire that black person or woman.”


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