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Meet Ellen Chilemba: The Woman Creating Opportunities for Other Women in Malawi

March 25, 2016

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Because wonder kids are everywhere and thankfully in Malawi has this one.

Be prepared to feel grossly inadequate, but also inspired, when you read about Ellen Chilemba.

At 16 she was selected to represent her country at the African Leadership Academy in South Africa. Upon completion, she launched Tiwale, a community based organization that helps uplift Malawian women through opportunities (workshops, microloans, grants, training, etc.)

With the goal of Tiwale β€œto develop sustainable ventures that transform our communites from poverty-stricken to entrepreneur vital,” Chilemba is well on her way, as a plot has been secured and planning is underway to build an education and entrepreneur center for women.

Currently studying art and economics at Mount Holyoke College, this young lady is one to watch and cheer on.

If you want to donate to Tiwale, check here.


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