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Maybelline Launches Beauty Product Created for African Skin

Tobi Raphael | CNBC Africa   in  ·
October 14, 2014

“When I started, makeup was just general. There was no makeup company in Nigeria. It was just general. We had an idea and we just used to do general makeup, now it’s more personal and the beauty companies are coming into the country and there are more products for African skin,” Lóreal Central West Africa make up artistic director Bimpe Onakoya told CNBC Africa.

“Considering the fact that we live in a very humid climate, a lot of consideration went into creating this product for African women living in Africa. It has full coverage and glides on the skin like satin. It controls shine and covers the skin flawlessly and it still looks perfectly natural,”

She explained that some women had dark and light tones on their skin and this new powder smoothens out the face and gives a beautiful look.


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