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Marley Dias: Meet the Dynamo Challenging Kids Publishers to Reflect Diversity

March 14, 2016

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Because there are 1000 children’s books featuring girls that looked that her and she put em on the map!

Marley Dias put a spotlight on a little discussed issue: why do so many kids books feature little white Timmy and his dog?

Where are the people that look like Marley and other people of color?

So what did this 11-year-old from West Orange, New Jersey do? She put out the word that she wanted to find #1000blackgirlbooks.

And everyone listened.marleyoncharlierose

From Colbert to Charlie Rose, this adorable, young lioness took America and publishing by storm and made everyone realize the obvious: that books about white boys and dogs is a played out genre and it was time to put out the call to find books like her.

So here’s to Marley, helping future young girls find books with lead characters that reflected their look and experience.



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