Suzan Jorgensen

On-Air Promotions Director

Suzan Jorgensen, Director of On-Air Promotions

Emmy Award winning writer and producer Suzan Jorgensen, has written and produced a myriad of live and taped television shows. Her career began and remains in Los Angeles, however she’s led production teams throughout the United States and internationally. Some of her work includes police procedurals, reality shows, documentaries, awards shows, daily magazine shows, talk shows, game shows, specials, and her work producing the Los Angeles Marathon, earned her two of her nine Emmys.

Other credits include writing, producing and directing concerts, behind-the-scenes specials, commercials, trailers and on-air promotion for several production companies and television stations including FOX, CBS, Discovery, Disney, WE, KCAL 9, MCA and KCOP Television.

Before joining The Africa Channel, as Director of On-Air Promotion and Scheduling, Jorgensen was elected and served two terms on the Board of Governors for The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.