Karen Juve

VP, Programming & Production

Karen Juve, VP, Programming & Acquisitions

Karen Juve is VP of Programming and Production at The Africa Channel (TAC), where she guides programming strategy for the cable network. Her role primarily involves curating a diverse array of content that enhances TAC’s brand, focusing on genres such as food, lifestyle, music, travel, dramas, and movies from Africa and the Diaspora.

Additionally, Karen serves as a Production Executive for TAC’s original travel, cooking, and lifestyle series, including “Africa On A Plate,” “30 min. Tour,” and “Top.” These programs showcase her ability to blend engaging storytelling with rich cultural insights, providing viewers with unique and compelling content.

Before joining TAC in 2012, Karen’s career in television production was marked by significant accomplishments. As a Supervising Producer at Weller Grossman, she was responsible for popular series such as the Food Network’s “BBQ with Bobby Flay,” HGTV’s “The Making of Rose Parade,” and Scripps Network’s “It’s a Miracle.” Her extensive experience also includes roles as Story Editor, Producer, and Writer on various network programs, demonstrating her versatile skill set in producing engaging television content.

Karen Juve’s depth of experience in television production and her knack for curating content that resonates with audiences make her an invaluable asset to The Africa Channel’s programming team.