• Narendra Reddy, Chief Operating Officer

    Narendra Reddy

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Fred Paccone, EVP & CFO

    Fred Paccone

    Executive Vice President & CFO
  • Karen Juve, VP, Programming & Acquisitions

    Karen Juve

    VP, Programming & Acquisitions
  • Dean, SVP of Business Development

    Dean Cates

    SVP of Business Development
  • Dr. Thelá Thatch, Director of Human Resources

    Dr. Thelá Thatch

    Director of Human Resources
  • David Kayser, Development Consultant

    David Kayser

    Development Consultant
  • Chris Eckman, VP of Digital Operations and Information Technology

    Chris Eckman

    VP of Digital Operations and Information Technology
  • Chase Green, Producer, Digital Content

    Chase Green

    Producer, Digital Content
  • David Freeman, Producer & Editor

    David Freeman

    Producer & Editor
  • Marc Moreno, Editor

    Marc Moreno

  • Kellen McDowell, Manager of Content Acquisition and Distribution

    Kellen McDowell

    Director of Programming & Marketing
  • Verita Alemu, Accounting Manager

    Verita Alemu

    Accounting Manager
  • Austin Lee, Director of Operations

    Austin Lee

    Director of Operations