• Elrick Williams, President & CEO

    Elrick Williams

    President & CEO
  • Narendra Reddy, Executive Vice President & General Manager

    Narendra Reddy

    Executive Vice President & General Manager
  • Fred Paccone, EVP & CFO

    Fred Paccone

    Executive Vice President & CFO
  • Brendan Gabriel, VP Production; Creative Director

    Brendan Gabriel

    VP, Production & Creative Director
  • Lee Warpack, VP, Director of Sales-T Media Sales

    Lee Warpack

    VP, Director of Sales T Media Sales
  • Sheila Cole, VP, Post Production & Operations

    Sheila Cole

    VP, Post Production Operations
  • Karen Juve, VP, Programming & Acquisitions

    Karen Juve

    VP, Programming & Acquisitions
  • Dean, VP, Digital Strategy and Marketing

    Dean Cates

    VP Digital Strategy and Marketing
  • Suzan Jorgensen, Director of On-Air Promotions

    Suzan Jorgensen

    Director of Promotions & Scheduling
  • Lynneise Joseph, Director of Content Strategy & Distribution

    Lynneise Joseph

    Director of Content Strategy & Distribution
  • Heather Coleman, Director of Finance

    Heather Coleman

    Director of Finance
  • Kukhautusha Croom, Manager of Programming and Production

    Kukhautusha Croom

    Manager of Programming & Production
  • David P. Johnson, Digital Community Strategist

    David P. Johnson

    Digital Community Strategist
  • Jason Bowdach, Post Production Engineer

    Jason Bowdach

    Post Production Engineer
  • Hank Hughes, Director of Traffic

    Hank Hughes

    Director of Traffic
  • David Freeman, Producer & Editorr

    David Freeman

    Producer & Editor
  • Joel Mejia, Digital Asset Manager

    Joel Mejia

    Digital Asset Manager
  • Chase Green, Producer, Digital Content

    Chase Green

    Producer, Digital Content
  • Marc Moreno, Junior Editor

    Marc Moreno

    Assistant Editor