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Mali Doctor Under Observation for Ebola

News24   in 
November 12, 2014

Bamako – A doctor at a clinic battling Mali’s second Ebola outbreak is suspected of having contracted the deadly virus, officials said Wednesday, as around 30 people were locked in the quarantined building.

The people trapped in the Pasteur clinic in the capital Bamako include 15 African UN soldiers being treated for injuries and tuberculosis, a security source told AFP.

“A doctor who is actually a suspected case of Ebola is under observation, because he has been in contact with the two dead people, and we are searching for others who were around the deceased but returned home,” an official at the clinic told AFP.

The official said the doctor was under observation at a separate location near the capital.

The government called for calm as it confirmed that a Guinean patient thought to have brought Ebola into Mali and a 25-year-old Malian nurse who treated him – confirmed as having contracted the virus – had died at the clinic, sparking a huge operation to stem the contagion.


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