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Malawi Bracing for More Floods After Around 200 Killed

Paul Nthala | Malawi24   in 
January 19, 2015

Government has advised people to relocate to upland for safety following reports that cyclone Sedza which is expected to hit Malawi this week will be far more destructive than Cyclone Bansi which has killed at least 176 people and displaced 200,000 others this past week. 

Hein Zeelie of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said the central and northern parts of the country were the agency’s next concern “as we are expecting heavy rains for those areas for the next week”. About half of the country has been declared a disaster zone, with the country appealing for urgent donor intervention. The country continues to struggle to cope with the devastating effects “unprecendented” floods. 


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