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Made in Africa, Produced in China, Africa’s First Smartphone, Tablet Coming Home

Dana Sanchez | AFK Insider   in  · ·
February 23, 2015

Congolese company VMK made Africa’s first smartphone and tablet, but its devices have been produced in China until now.
Soon they’ll be produced in Africa in a factory under construction in the Republic of Congo, if all goes according to plan. The factory is being built in Brazzaville with an investment of close to $2 million and it will be used exclusively for the VMK range of products, according to a VenturesAfrica report by Niyi Aderibigbe.

To ensure locals are employable at the factory, VMK’s Chinese partner company has started training more than 90 people, according to the report. The Congolese company plans to produce 350,000 units per month.


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