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Lupita Nyong’o Talks Style, Social Media and Self-Confidence

Laura Morgan | Lucky Shops   in  · ·
February 17, 2015

Lupita Nyong’o, Oscar-winning actress, is sitting on the living room floor of the hilltop Hollywood home where she was just photographed, in the most poised manner one can imagine from someone sitting on the floor. Her posture is perfect; her body language is fit for a pilates class poster. She’s telling me about how she and her younger brother, Peter, like to bet on how popular her Instagram posts will be. Considering her massive fan base—1.3 million on the platform alone—the numbers pile up fast. A Sesame Street set photo of Nyong’o with Elmo scored 87,000 likes. A party shot with Cara Delevingne netted 50,000. (Don’t worry, Cara, it’s tough to trump a furry childhood icon.) “We give it 30 seconds and then hit refresh, and whoever got closest to the actual number of likes added in that time wins,” Nyong’o says gleefully. “Well, we win nothing but pride,” she clarifies. “But it’s really addictive.” Her social-media shine has rubbed off on Peter; the college student/possible aspiring actor/talented saxophonist now has over 13,000 followers himself. Since taking him as her date to the Academy Awards last year, Nyong’o says, “Everywhere I go, people famous and non-famous ask me, ‘How’s your brother?’”


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