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Liberia Dispatch: Q&A With N.Y. Times Reporter/Physician Sheri Fink

Sheri Fink | NY Times   in 
November 11, 2014

Sheri Fink, a New York Times reporter and a physician, has been chronicling the Ebola crisis from an American-run clinic in rural Liberia. The Times invited readers on Twitter and Facebook to ask questions of Ms. Fink about what she has seen during her reporting trip. Readers asked about a variety of topics, including the characteristics of survivors and the risk of contracting the disease. Ms. Fink answered a selection of the questions.

Signs of Hope

Q. Do you see any signs of hope?

โ€” @doconrad via Twitter

A. Certainly. Cases in Liberia appear to be declining, according to the World Health Organization, perhaps because of the interventions so far. Awareness is high, and the commitment of Liberians to beating back this disease, in partnership with assistance from outside the country, is inspiring.

However, the Ebola unit that I have been chronicling has received a surge of new patients in the past week, including children from communities in two counties where Ebola is continuing to ravage families.


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