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Liberia Cases ‘Slowing,’ but Not Under Control, Official Says

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October 29, 2014

The World Health Organization confirmed Wednesday that the rate of Ebola infections appeared to be slowing in hard-hit Liberia, but warned the crisis was far from over.

“It appears that the trend is real in Liberia and there may indeed be a slowing” of the epidemic’s spread there, WHO assistant director-general Bruce Aylward told reporters in Geneva.

Data from a range of different sources, including from funeral directors reporting fewer Ebola and other burials and from treatment centres reporting lower Ebola patient admission rates, indicated a “downward trend” across much of Liberia, he said.

Labs were also seeing a “plateauing or slight decline” in the number of confirmed cases, he said.

Aylward added, though, that he was “terrified that the information will be misinterpreted and that people will begin to think Ebola is under control.”


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