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Leaders Need to Signal Change

Jonathan Berman | Harvard Business Review   in  ·
July 31, 2014

Washington is usually quiet in August, but an event next week has the potential to shake things up for business and foreign policy.

More than 200 U.S. and African CEOs, including the heads of General Electric, Walmart, Blackstone, Google, and Coca-Cola, will gather on August 5 to attend the first ever U.S.-Africa Business Forum. Convened by the White House, the forum is the centerpiece of a three-day U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, which aims to strengthen ties and will bring together business leaders and more than 40 African heads of state – an unprecedented number in Washington at one time.

It’s clear why the White House has called for this business-oriented summit. Africa’s growth has been well chronicled in Harvard Business Review. More recent articles in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times summarize the case for U.S. commercial engagement in Africa.


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