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Last Known Northern White Male Rhino on Tight 24-Hour Guard

The Telegraph   in  ·
April 16, 2015

The world’s last male northern white rhinoceros has been put under 24-hour armed guard in a Kenya game conservancy because of fears he could be targeted by poachers.
Sudan and his two female companions at Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya are among just five of the rare sub-species of white rhinos left in the world, and the only ones that live in relative freedom since the other two are kept in zoos.

All three are fitted with radio transmitters and have had their horns remove in a bid to deter poachers, who have killed hundreds of rhinos across Africa in recent years because of a demand in Asia for their horns, which are erroneously thought to have healing properties.

“With the rising demand for rhino horn and ivory, we face many poaching attempts and while we manage to counter a large number of these, we often risk our lives in the line of duty,” one of Sudan’s rangers, Simor Irungu, said in an interview with the UK’s World of Animals magazine.


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