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Largest-Ever Rhino Airlift Recently Released First…

Robbie Gonzalez | io9   in 
May 18, 2015

Beverly Joubert and her husband Dereck are spearheading a relocation project, called Rhinos Without Borders, that aims to move 100 rhinos from poaching hotspots in South Africa to safer parks in Botswana. It’s the largest rhino airlift ever attempted, and the first ten transportees have been successfully released.

We first told you about Rhinos Without Borders in early April. According to National Geographic, the first ten rhinos were successfully released on April 28, following a crowd funding drive on We bring the project to your attention again because Joubert, who is also an award-winning photographer & filmmaker, began posting photos from the project to her Instagram account earlier this week, and they’re outstanding. Follow her to keep tabs on the conservationists’ progress. You can also follow their efforts here, by selecting the “Update” tab.


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