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L.A. Police Officers Kill Homeless Cameroonian Nicknamed ‘Africa’

Gale Holland, Sarah Parvini and Angel Jennings | Los Angeles Times   in  ·
March 3, 2015

Los Angeles police officials say a homeless man was shot dead on skid row Sunday during a struggle for an officer’s gun.

But on the streets of the city’s largest community for the homeless, many of the people who knew the man who went by the nickname “Africa” were mourning his death – and expressing anger over it.

James Attaway teared up as he stared at a memorial for his friend.

“He’s gone, man,” Attaway, 48, said, his voice cracking with emotion. “It really hit me today.”

Attaway said he got to know Africa over the year they lived next to each other in the tent community of skid row. They bickered like brothers and he sometimes saw glimpse’s of his friend’s temper, Attaway said. But they always reconciled. At night, they spent hours talking about religion. It was during those talks that Africa told him that his name was Sean.


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