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Kimberly Foster: The Woman creating thoughtful content

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March 22, 2016

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Because celebrating the fullness of black womanhood is needed

Ciara is Engaged to Russell Wilson and the F*ck Boys are Mad” “Depression is Political,” “And “Why Black Girls Need Black Girlfriends,” are three recent articles on the popular blog For Harriet, so you can see why it’s gaining popularity and readership every month: They go there.

Founder and editor-in-Chief Kimberly Foster started the blog while an undergrad at Harvard, and it’s grown in six years to over two million visitors a month, becoming “a multifaceted platform for Black women’s storytelling and journalism.”

So, what’s got this site winning awards and getting on must read lists around the globe? Check the site. You WILL get sucked in. Fosters got women writing about what we talk about and, more meaningfully, what we don’t. With short stories and poetry, journalism and cultural critique, the site explores the variety of issues and emotions black women face, all the while elevating the conversation.

And if you really want to see what a powerhouse thinker this woman is, read her piece No, Kim Kardashian and Beyonce are Not the Same,” and take a seat in class as this woman serves modern feminist theory and modern day class. (Seriously though, read the piece now.)

Foster is clearly a lover and doer of dope things, as her Twitter bio states.

With women like her creating platforms for black women to tell their own stories, and discuss things that matter to them, the internet will continue to be the place to have voices heard.


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