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Kilimanjaro Awakens This Top CFO to Change

Jillian D'Onfro | Business Insider   in  ·
March 11, 2015

Patrick Pichette, Google’s chief financial officer, is retiring, according to an SEC filing.

Pichette, who is 52, joined Google in 2008. The exact date of his retirement isn’t set, but he’ll be helping Google search for its new CFO, which the company expects to find in the next six months.

Before Google, he worked at Bell Canada, where he held various positions, including CFO.

Pichette has been described as one of Google’s secret weapons, who brought rational thinking to Google’s cost structure, helping it introduce new revenue-generating products and cutting some that couldn’t make money.

He made the decision to leave the company so he and his wife could “grab our backpacks and hit the road.”

Pichette, an avid cycler, writes on Google+ that the desire to travel the world really struck last fall after he and his wife hiked Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa at sunrise. She suggested extending their travels and continuing to explore. He responded that he still had a lot of work left at Google.

“But then she asked the killer question,” he writes. “‘So when is it going to be time? Our time? My time?’ The questions just hung there in the cold morning African air.”

He couldn’t shake that question over the next few weeks. With three kids no longer at home, almost 30 years of work behind him, and in honor of his 25th wedding anniversary, he has decided that now is the time to leave.



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