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Kenya Launches Radio Network to Curb Poaching

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June 14, 2015

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) purchased the about 8 million U.S. dollar encrypted radios from France, which will be used in the country’s eight national parks.

“The network is superior, fulfills the most advanced professional mobile radio requirements, and ensures secure communication between fixed, mobile and portable radios,” said Olivier Picard, head of Ellipse Projects — the firm that sold the equipment.

Picard said the radio network provides a dedicated set of microwave/Ultra High Frequency links to allow communication between different parks and the KWS headquarters located in Nairobi.

KWS expects the system to be effective in combating poaching, protecting tourists and generally improve radio communication within the Service.

Currently, KWS utilizes an analogue, two-way radio network, which operates on a Very High Frequency band used for communicating around and within the national park gates, patrol teams, between vehicles and other KWS stations.


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