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Kaya Thomas: The Young Coder Making A Difference

March 15, 2016

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Because holy crap she’s still in college.

Kaya Thomas is a nerd superhero. Currently an undergrad at Dartmouth, she is a technical mentor with Black Girls Code and working on a ton of other tech focused things. In 2009 she co-founded a STEM camp for girls, and organized seven camps – in high school. Why? Because she wasn’t exposed to computer science at a younger age and wanted other girls of color especially , to know they have the power and capability to be technical creators.

Mic drop.


To further that aim, Thomas has a YouTube channel Code with Kaya teaching tech tutorials for beginners, is working on an iPad app to help kids understand fractions and is generally creating content to change the world for the better through technology.

But one of the things she’s done that we think is super cool and helpful for non-techies is having created We Read Too, a mobile resource app featuring books written by authors of color with characters of color. (Also: it just may have the cutest image on iTunes.)

Great, right?!

Yeah, she’s basically a black girl tech ninja and deserves her own superhero niche.



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