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Kampala Life: African Fashion 101

Lauren McBride | Living in Kampala   in 
October 14, 2014

While rocking kitenge fabrics may be second nature in African cultures, it can be a bit intimidating to dive into this bold fashion trend as an expat! Plagued with questions like: “Do I look like I’m trying to hard?” or perhaps a more shallow example– “Does this pattern make my butt look big?”

African fabrics are simply too stunning to be ignored, but in order for average people like me to get on board, I needed to seek advice from a pro. I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Patricia Otoa, designer and owner of OP Clothing, to talk about all things African fashion: the lovely prints, the designers, and of course tips on how to wear and really own the style!

In her opinion, “African clothing is vibrant, really comfortable, and always makes you stand out in a crowd!” She describes her brand as “Afro-urban” and carefully selects fabrics that are shipped in from all around the continent: Congo, West Africa, as well as Kenya and Uganda. Though each print is uniquely different, the colors always promise to be bright and vibrant.


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