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July 13-19th is Mandela Week on The Africa Channel!

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July 10, 2015

As befitting a legend of peace, the world will mark Nelson Mandela’s birthday with Nelson Mandela International Day.

But honoring a man as pioneering and inspiring as Madiba requires more than a day, right? Right.

So each year we here at The Africa Channel have made the week around his July 18th birthday one that’s dedicated to his legacy.

With movies and shows honoring and remembering his incredible achievements, as well as articles and features on the website showing how his legacy is being carried forward, we are taking the week of July 13-19 and pausing to honor Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.

Leading the oppressed majority out of the apartheid regime was a biblical-level feat; Mr. Mandela literally went from being in prison to ruling a nation. And we will hear from those who knew him, reminding us that he did so with kindness and a twinkle in his eye.

Our special programming includes a look at his early years as the son of traditional royalty in a rural region of South Africa.

We will look at his move to Joburg, where he encountered the racism that led to his underground life working to combat apartheid, then his time in prison — over 25 years — and his run as president.

Online, we will look toward the future, honoring those with a selfless dedication to making the world a better place, including the Born Free generation of citizens who enjoy these hard won freedoms. We will share quotes from the great man, iconic images and stories of historic events he created.

We intend to celebrate the amazing life of this incredible man all next week, so come and join us!

And check out our shows and let us know your thoughts and memories of Madiba on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

After all, this man brought a nation together. Let’s see if we can bring the world together in honor of him.

We love you, Madiba!

Photo Courtesy of Loco Steve/Flickr


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