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Issa Rae: The Awkward Black Girl Changing the Game

March 30, 2016

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Because good things happen to talented people.

It’s not easy to make waves in Hollywood these days, let alone take it by storm, but that’s what Issa Rae and her awkward black girl self did.

Her book and YouTube web series Awkward Black Girl brought a voice and insight to the mainstream that wasn’t often explored, and with that Rae got fans in the industry, as well as all the awkward black girls of the world (Unite!)

As her website says, Issa Rae is bringing quality content of color to the masses, as can be seen with her recent work, Fruit, that looks at the self-discovery and sexual exploration of a football player.  I know so good, right?!

Rae is not only updating images of people of color in media by writing them herself, she is helping others get the same opportunity, as with her involvement in the ColorCreative and Project Greenlight writing contest.  Not everyone can go to Stanford, you know?



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