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In Brazil, African Heritage Lives On

August 22, 2014

Though hundreds of miles away from the continental Yoruba – Yoruba people in Africa, the descendants of African slaves, mostly Yoruba, transported across the Atlantic to the Americas, still preserve their African heritage despite the spatial and time distance and marked disconnect between them and their roots. WALE EMOSU, who visited Salvador, the capital city of Bahia State, which incidentally served as the first capital city of the country and home of many Afro-Brazilians, reports that African culture is the lifeblood of every Bahian who values it even more than continental Africans.

JEMILA and Zeyana are Omanis, their father being from Oman. But the Said sisters who live in London, created time during the last FIFA World Cup in Brazil to visit Salvador – not because it was one of the 12 cities that hosted the World Cup matches – but because of its historical relevance to their existence.


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