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Illegal Migrant Makes Good as Plumber in Nigeria

Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani | BBC Africa   in 
December 22, 2015

Nearly 15 years ago, successful Nigerian businessman Anselm Okoukoni was one of the desperate African migrants prepared to do anything to get to Europe.

As the first son of his widowed mother – a farmer – custom demanded that the responsibility for his six siblings would shift to him the minute he graduated from university.

Long before he got his degree in statistics, he decided that he did not want to join the mass of unemployed university graduates in his country.

But the embassies of Italy, Germany, Spain, Austria, France, Belgium, UK and the US all refused to give him a visa.

However, things began to look up when someone introduced him to someone who knew someone who could facilitate a visa to Greece – for the sum of about 400,000 naira which, at the time, was equivalent to about $3,500 (ยฃ2,350).


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